Dave Chen

Software Developer

I'm a developer based in Winnipeg, Canada.

Business Emails

Education / Work Experience

(Feb 2020 - Present): Integrations Engineer, building websites, applications, and services

(Nov 2018 - Present): QA Support, debugging websites, supporting customers, and answering tickets

University of Manitoba

Computer science with specializations in Databases

Fort Richmond Collegiate

Cum laude and 4 in AP Computer Science


Full-Stack development

I design websites using HTML/JavaScript/CSS and the back-end uses PHP/MySQL. I have used Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, and Azure Cloud to host my websites. The databases I've used are MySQL, GQL, and Firebase.

Android development

I've used Android Studio, React Native, and Gideros to create Android applications. One of my games, Block Together, connects to my website to keep track of leaderboards and to prevent cheating.

Systems Administrator

I have experience in connecting to a server with SSH, installing httpd/mysql via the terminal, and changing DNS records so that the domain name points to that site.